Vocational & Employment Services

Employment provides not only financial security, but also purpose, pride and dignity. Schenectady ARC currently has more than 200 clients employed in part-time and full-time jobs individually and in small groups integrated in the community—all of whom are supported by a dedicated staff of employment professionals who help with job placement, training and ongoing support.

Schenectady ARC offers a variety of vocational opportunities which can be tailored to suit specific interests and choices. We can link people with jobs at local businesses; we can offer specialized light manufacturing and distribution projects; we can build work experience and skills. See what Schenectady ARC can offer you.

Vocational Services Flyer

Pine Ridge Industries

Established in 1961, Pine Ridge Vocational Center has more than 30 years of experience serving local and national businesses. We have more than 15,000 square feet of production and warehouse space and a team of trained workers ready to handle your next project. Whether it entails individual items or multiple component units, we're ready to meet the challenge. Pine Ridge Industries has also performed packaging, assembly, and processing work on behalf of customers in such diverse industries as: electronics fulfillment recycling, housewares, music & entertainment, novelties, printing and toys. At Pine Ridge, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have the opportunity to try a variety of job tasks while developing the soft skills needed for success in any work setting.

Pine Ridge Industries targets the varying vocational needs of employees. We offer employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Pine Ridge offers mobile work crews, light manufacturing, product development and other solutions for businesses. With a hands on training format, Pine Ridge addresses the general understanding of work place rules, the employer-employee relationship, social boundaries, and other soft skills. Prevocational staff help foster a basic understanding of employment while individuals are engaged in the paid work experience. The strong employment component facilitates learning of new employment skills and growth of existing skills. Participants are exposed to a variety of different jobs, from machinery tasks to customer service, sales, baking, lawn care, recycling, and clerical work.

Work Force Solutions

Let us take the worry out of your labor force needs. Why spend time on recruitment, scheduling, and the frustration of covering vacations, sick time, and more? Our work force can assemble and package many products, collate mailings, and even disassemble and re-package stock items. Our mobile work crews are courteous, reliable, and quality focused. We provide janitorial, lawn care, clerical, and recycling services.

Maintenance & Janitorial Solutions

Your customers, tenants and employees deserve only the best when they come to your office. Schenectady ARC can provide: • A cleaner office building, from sparkling floors to sanitized restrooms • Dedicated and experienced support to handle any janitorial or office cleaning challenge We have services that can match your office building maintenance needs. We specialize in providing top quality janitorial and office cleaning services to a variety of infrastructures: • Business Cleaning Services for Property Management Buildings • Janitorial Services for Privately Owned Buildings • Janitorial Services for Single & Multi-Tenant Buildings You have multiple properties with multiple needs. Let Schenectady ARC be your one source for cleaning. No matter what your needs may be, our flexible teams can deliver affordable cleaning or janitorial services program that provides consistent, quality cleaning that enhances the value of your office building. For office cleaning, business cleaning and building maintenance call Schenectady ARC.

Recycling Programs for your business

Pine Ridge Vocational Center is a certified redemption center and can assist you with your recycling needs. Just drop off your refundable bottles and cans in a labeled bag, and we’ll take care of the counting and sorting for you. Say goodbye to long waits in line at the grocery store to cash in your receipts. Pine Ridge can pay for your bottles and cans in a variety of ways, including cash! It’s that simple! Planning a bottle drive fundraiser for your organization? We’ll literally help take the “load” off your shoulders making your fundraiser a breeze! Pine Ridge has the manpower and space to handle large quantities of refundables.

Lawn Care & Horticultural Services

Schenectady ARC offers a variety of traditional lawn care services. We have mobile crews with experience in lawn mowing and maintenance. Through our Schenectady ARC Horticultural Center we also offer plant maintenance services. Our capable crews can not only water and tend your plants, but they can also help rehabilitate ailing plant life at our greenhouse in Rotterdam, NY.

Products Sales & Development

Our current product selection showcases the talents of individuals with developmental disabilities through a variety of channels. These items are available to purchase both at Pine Ridge and through local retail partners. From notecards to dog biscuits our individuals pride themselves on their creativity and reliable quality. Once you see the products, you will understand why we feel the items speak volumes as to the talents of those we serve. These are items to be shared and enjoyed by the general market.

Vocational Opportunities for Individuals

Something unique to Schenectady ARC Day Services is the ability to tailor a schedule for individuals to meet the many goals a person may have. Pine Ridge Vocational Center can accommodate many different schedules in collaborating with our other programs, such as Life Prep, DayHab, and New Directions Supported Employment program. At Pine Ridge, people have the opportunity to try a variety of job tasks while developing the soft skills needed for success in any work setting. Pine Ridge also contains a satellite clinic, which allows people the option of receiving clinic services at Pine Ridge. Services offered at PRI include Social Work, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Psychology, and Vocational Rehabilitation.