Transitional Services at Schenectady ARC

Preparing for life …. Transition services are intended to prepare students to make the transition from the world of school to the world of adulthood. In planning what type of transition services a student needs to prepare for adulthood, the IEP team considers areas such as postsecondary education or vocational training, employment, independent living, and community participation.

Schenectady ARC offers a variety of programs that fall into the transitional services area. When you wpeak with our intake team they will work with you to identify the best opportunity. As with all of our services we take a person-centered approach to finding a match with services.

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Life Prep

Preparing for life …. a difficult undertaking for any student or adult.. Needed services are often fraught with waiting lists as well as complex funding and eligibility requirements. But imagine this, a program designed to streamline services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities providing all the services needed to foster and encourage independence and community employment.

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High School After School Services

High School After School services provide respite and recreation services in a community based environment for the academic school year and prepares high school students with disabilities to live and work in the community, as independently as possible.

The high school program is designed to provide after school respite and recreation services for high school students whose families would otherwise be without after school respite.

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College Success Program

The College Success Program is a collaborative effort of Schenectady County Community College, Schenectady ARC and the Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region that assists matriculated students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) to fully participate and thrive at the college. A College Support Coach provides a variety of supportive services that help students become better acquainted with and access various campus and community-based services, understand their course schedule, access academic support services, navigate confidently to classes and campus services and develop self-advocacy, self-disclosure and self-monitoring skills.

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Discovery Academy @ Union College

The Discovery Academy is a without walls day hab that will be taking place on the Union College Campus. The program will give participants a college life experience. There will be two 45 minute class times throughout the day. During these class times, we will work on a blended curriculum. For our executive functioning and life skills piece we are using the Specific Natural Activity Program (SNAP) Curriculum, this includes subjects such as independent living, community resources, leisure, and vocation. The other instruction will revolve around academics, preparing those who are interested in taking the TASC (High School Equivalency Degree).

Outside of class times we will be around campus or out in the community, practicing the skills we are discussing in class as well as eating lunch or hanging around the common areas of the college. The students at Union College will also be setting up various workshops for us to attend. These workshops will take place at different locations around the school such as the physics lab, the art department, or other areas.

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