I Decide!

A Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC) helps individuals and families develop life plans and access resources and supports to help people realize those plans, achieve goals, and obtain the life they want. MSCs provide advocacy, resources, and information to help solve problems and improve quality of life.

Our team of MSCs brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in person centered planning, advocacy, and networking to help guide you and your family toward the life you want. We have many experiences assisting people through both our partnerships with community resources, as well as more traditional OPWDD services.

There are some necessary first steps that Schenectady ARC can help you with, including OPWDD eligibility, assessment, and Front Door processes. We can also help with Medicaid and other benefits.

In addition to MSC, we provide brokering services to assist with self-determination and developing very detailed person centered plans to coordinate supports that you choose and are specific to your hopes and dreams.

Brokering Services

Through the OPWDD service of Consolidated Supports and Services (CSS), individuals and their families can self-direct all or parts of their lives. Schenectady ARC is prepared to help you on this journey with experienced Start-Up and Support Brokers. Your broker will work with you on a person centered plan to outline life goals and develop the supports to help you achieve them. To find out more about CSS, you can access the OPWDD website

To discuss how we can help you develop your plan call 518-372-1160


What’s important for My Self,
How I make choices about My World,
Living the life I want by following My Dreams.

Schenectady ARC is committed to helping people in the Capital Region enjoy healthy rewarding lives as members of their community, encouraging dreams and responding to each person’s life choices by offering high quality supports and services. I DECIDE is not just a campaign at Schenectady ARC. I DECIDE is a way of thinking and applying what each person decides for themselves as a core part of their experience at Schenectady ARC.

To discuss how we can help you develop your plan call 518-372-1160