Ridge Health Services

At Ridge Health Services we have specially trained practitioners, with extensive experience in helping patients with disabilities, thoroughly assess each individual’s condition to set appropriate goals and design an individualized treatment program.

Ridge Health Service is the operating name of Schenectady ARC's Clinic Services. The services are split into an Article 16 Clinic and an Article 28 Clinic. There are differences in the types of services you can receive at these two Clinics. But, the one thing you will always receive is compassion and quality care when you visit us at Ridge Health Services.

With the help of Ridge Health Services, people with disabilities can reach their goal to live independently.

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Ridge Health Services (16) Clinic

Schenectady ARC’s clinic offers a full range of comprehensive services monitored by a board-certified physician. Our staff of caring, licensed health care and clinical professionals is committed to meeting the specialized needs of individuals with disabilities and their families. We offer individuals the convenience of receiving many of our clinical services at select Schenectady ARC sites as well as in home settings.

Our facilities are accessible and well equipped to serve people with developmental disabilities. The following services are available through Ridge Health Services:

• Psychology Services

• Occupational Therapy

• Physical Therapy

• Speech and Language Therapy

• Vocational Rehabilitation

• Social Work

* Individuals must meet the OPWDD eligibility requirements for Article 16 Services.

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Ridge Health Services, Inc.(28)

At Ridge Health Services, Inc. our medical professionals understand the importance of patience and compassion in the practice of medicine. In this unique primary care facility, patients of all abilities are treated with dignity and respect while receiving the excellent medical care they deserve. The highly skilled medical staff spends the time necessary to get to know the individual from a holistic perspective. Whether it is for an annual check up or a specific problem, quality health care begins at Ridge Health.

Ridge Health Services, Inc. is a diagnostic and treatment center licensed by the New York State Department of Health. It operates in partnership with Schenectady County Chapter, NYSARC, Inc. which provides a wide variety of residential, vocational, day, clinical and family support services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Our medical team has experienced in treating people of all abilities and complex health issues affecting physical and/or mental health. The clinic is accessible and well equipped to serve people with disabilities. The following services are available to any individual age 16 or older at Ridge Health Services, Inc.

Primary Medical Care
• Annual physical & history
• Diagnosis & treatment of illness and/or injury
• Medication management
• Specialty referrals

• Assessment & diagnosis of functional foot problems
• Congenital deformities
• Diabetic foot evaluation & care
• Treatment of infection including fungal

Individuals 18 or older are eligible for Psychiatry Services
• Diagnosis of mental disorder
• Management of psychotropic medication

All medical staff are licensed by New York State.
*OPWDD Eligibility in NOT required for services. Medicare and Medicaid are both accepted.

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