Ways you can continue to give to Schenectady ARC

Donate Securities

  • Because of the tax advantages of donating appreciated securities, you may find you are able to make a larger gift with stock than with cash.  When you make a gift of appreciated securities that you have owned for more than a year, you avoid the capital-gains taxes that would be due if you sold the stock.  And, you receive an income-tax deduction based on the full market value of the stock at the time of the gift.

Gift Bequests

  • Bequests to Schenectady ARC may be made in several ways.  You may specify a particular dollar amount in your will.  Or, you may leave a percentage of your estate.  Finally, you may leave a percentage of what remains after taking care of your loved ones. Your attorney will be able to assist with writing your will or codicil.

    Visit the Schenectady Bar Association for a listing of Schenectady County Lawyers.

Life Insurance

  • Perhaps you own a life insurance policy that you no longer need for its originally intended purpose. You may choose to make Schenectady ARC the beneficiary or co-beneficiary of the policy.  You may also purchase a new policy for the benefit of Schenectady ARC.  This may result in a gift that is much larger than its cost.

Gift Retirement

  • Money in a tax-deferred retirement plan--such as an IRA or 401(k)--that is left to an individual’s heirs can be subject to both income and estate taxes.  Taxes can erode a substantial part of these assets.  If money in such plans is left to Schenectady ARC, however, the ARC receives the full amount.  You may therefore wish to consider providing for loved ones from other assets and making Schenectady ARC the beneficiary or co-beneficiary of your retirement-plan assets.