Employment Services & Career Exploration

Schenectady ARC offers a variety of vocational opportunities which can be tailored to suit specific interests and choices. We can link people with jobs at local businesses; we can offer specialized light manufacturing and distribution projects; we can build work experience and skills. See what Schenectady ARC can offer you.

Begin your experience

New Directions Employment

New Directions staff assist with your recruitment process by providing applicants that are ready, willing and able to perform job duties. New Directions staff will work side-by-side with your new employee to assist with job orientation and training. On-site job coaching will continue until all parties agree that the individual is ready to be independent at the work site. New Directions offers continued support for both the business and the individual. Monthly visits with both the individual and the supervisor keep the lines of communication open and the supports that are needed in place.

New Directions provides the same one on one support to the individual that is seeking employment. Our staff of employment professionals will work with you through from the first day to ensure your success on the job. We are there to help as a liasion between the employer and you.

School to Work Opportunities

Students are given an opportunity to gain hands-on work experience, learn appropriate work, social and job seeking skills that will assist them in obtaining and maintaining employment in the future.

School to Work services can assist school districts with satisfying the documentation requirements for CDOS commencement credential (Career Development and Occupational Studies). Our staff provide the information schools need to reflect student employability including worksite preferences, community based work experiences, and job site adaptations necessary for success.

Be an ARC Business Partner

Schenectady ARC partners with hundreds of companies in the Capital Region. Our dedicated employment professionals help companies find the right solutions for their business. You may need employees on a temporary or long term basis. You may need to contract a project for completion. Whatever your needs Schenectady ARC can be your partner in success. Call today to see how you can work with us.