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where you start your journey with Schenectady ARC

Get ready for Schenectady ARC. You've talked it over with family, checked out all the other services. Now it is time to make your selection. Start on the right path to great services and supports with Schenectady ARC's Navigation Services Department. We are ready to assist you through the process. Download our Navigation Services Flyer.

Start with Service Navigation

The Navigation Services department serves as the first point of contact for persons seeking services at Schenectady ARC - providing information, guidance and support, as necessary, until services are established. 

Navigation Services also helps consumers apply for OPWDD Eligibility, including navigating OPWDD Front Door programs.


Qualify for Services at ARC

In order to qualify for the majority of programs and services Schenectady ARC provides, people need to be dignosed with a developmental disability as defined by the following criteria: 

1. The diagnosis must significantly impair a person's general intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior (life skills). Diagnoses include (but are not limited to): mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, neurological impairments and dyslexia. 

2. Diagnosis must originate prior to the age of 22. 

3. Diagnosis and impairments are expected to continue indefinitely. 

4. Diagnosis must substantially handicap the person's ability to function normally in society.

Get more information at OPWDD → OPWDD Eligibility

How long does the process take?

1. Enrollment in programs will depend on the programs' current capacity, waiting lists and other factors. 

2. If a person has OPWDD Eligibility and Medicaid, referrals to programs can happen within a matter of weeks. 

3. If a person does not have OPWDD Eligibility, it is difficult to put a timeline on the referral process, record collection, testing and OPWDD review process. At a minimum, the process can be completed within 4 months. However, it is more typical that the process will take at least 6 months or more depending on the circumstances involved in the referral. 

At Schenectady ARC we make every effort to expedite referrals and to make sure that you are kept informed throughout the process. Given the uncertainty of the referral timelime, we stronlgy encourage applicants to contact the Schenectady ARC Navigation Services Department as early as possible to ensure that your service needs are met in a timely manner.

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What to bring to the appointment

It is helpful to bring any documentation that you may have pertaining to your developmental disability and contributing diagnoses. In addition to this information, the Navigation Services Department staff will request the following items: 

Complete Universal Application - DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Health Insurance Cards 

Social Security Card 

Names, addresses and phone numbers of schools that you have attended 

Names and contact information for doctors and clinical providers that may posses records pertaining to your diagnoses. 

Any clinical documents, including: psychological evaluations, IEP's, diagnostic testing.

Who can make referrals for services?

How to contact Navigation Services

Phone 518.372.1160
Mail Schenectady ARC - Navigation Services - 214 State St. Schenectady, NY 12305

Touring Schenectady ARC

Tours of Schenectady ARC Programs are offered through the Navigation Services Department. These tours allow individuals and their families to see our programs and choose an option that best suits their needs.

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Schenectady ARC can come to you

Navigation Services staff can provide informational sessions and presentations on the history of Schenectady ARC and the many services that are provided through the organization. These services are available to local schools, churches and civic organizations and on a 1:1 basis by appointment.

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