Life Prep Services

Preparing for life …. a difficult undertaking for any student or adult.. Needed services are often fraught with waiting lists as well as complex funding and eligibility requirements. But imagine this, a program designed to streamline services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities providing all the services needed to foster and encourage independence and community employment.

Life Prep, a new and innovative program, provides a comprehensive, customized set of services designed to gradually teach the skills needed to live and work in the community as independently as possible.

The majority of services are conveniently located in close proximity to a wide variety of businesses throughout Schenectady County. Transportation to and from program services is provided by the Schenectady ARC.

LifePrep offers a variety of services to prepare for work and life in the community:

Travel training
Life Prep instructs individuals how to safely and effectively use various means of transportation to access work sites and other public areas.

At Life Prep individuals have the opportunity get involved in the community by volunteering at local non-profit organizations.

Independent living skills
While at Life Prep individuals learn skills such as healthy living, cooking, physical fitness, arts, music and self-advocacy.

College support
Attending college can be a challenging new transition. At Life Prep individuals learn how to navigate college campuses, and plan for classes.

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