Know, Grow, Eat

“Know, Grow and Eat Your Vegetables,” strives to decrease heart disease, obesity and diabetes among individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities via hands-on participation in vegetable plant cultivation, harvesting and meal preparation.

The program is based at Schenectady ARC’s horticulture training program in Rotterdam, New York. There agency staff instruct participants in planting, watering and cultivating 15 varieties of vegetable seedlings. The program also involves nutritional educators from Cornell Cooperative Extension of Schenectady County to educate participants and staff about healthy meal preparation practices. Vegetables are also harvested, packaged and distributed for participant consumption in the Schenectady ARC group home or family home settings.

Watch out KGE Video

The project was submitted by Schenectady County Public Health Services to the Centers on Disease Control and Prevention, resulting in a nationally published implementation guide and corresponding video, both of which can be found at the following CDC website link: