In full bloom at Schenectady ARC

The ARC Horticulture Program offers many exciting opportunities to individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. We have floral design classes, instructional seminars on growing of houseplants, annuals and vegetables in the greenhouse.

We have an accessible greenhouse and vegetable garden in the back courtyard, planted by individuals. Each year it is harvested and distributed to ARC residences and to Maple Ridge individuals.

The ARC Horticulture group also sells plants at the Schenectady City Farmer’s Market each week during the growing season to help sustain our program as well as give individuals experience working and interact with the community.

The Horticulture program interacts with several ARC programs throughout the year, including; SWEP Program, Life Prep, Princetown, Citi Club, Pine Ridge Vocational Center, and New Directions.

Horticulture Center Flyer