Getting Involved

There are plenty of ways to help Schenectady ARC's mission to encourage persons with developmental disabilities to live quality lives of their choosing in their communities. Whether it is lending your voice, giving your time, joining a life-changing event or sharing our story with others, your help is greatly needed and we look forward to counting you amongst our legion of partners in our mission.

How to Volunteer at Schenectady ARC

Volunteering at Schenectady ARC

Schenectady ARC always welcomes volunteers from our community to participate in team building projects. Some volunteer opportunities at Schenectady ARC may require individuals to submit to an OPWDD background check or to be supervised by an ARC employee at all times.

We have many opportunities for corporate volunteer days: painting a house, landscaping, building beautification, event support, race course marshals. Create an opportunity and we will help you fulfill your corporate giving back day.

Contact the Public Relations Office to begin 518.372.1160


Being an advocate takes many forms. You can participate in our legislative campaigns and help move policy forward. You can tell the ARC story to friends and family and help spread the word about our great mission. You can also take on a role as a guardian and advocate for an individuals with disabilities. Learn more by calling Schenectady ARC 518.372.1160.

Become a partner

Become a partner in our mission. Sponsor an event, join our support ranks or just help spread the word about the great work being done at Schenectady ARC.

Join us at an event

Join us at an upcoming event and come see what Schenectady ARC is all about. Schenectady ARC hosts several events throughout the year. Our events are always open to the public and individuals interested in learning more about Schenectady ARC. Plus, they are a lot of fun.

Serve on a committee

Get on a committee -- Schenectady ARC has a variety of committees that enable individuals to be an integral part of the services and supports delivery at Schenectady ARC. Contact our Public Relations department and see if there is a fit for you.