Family Services & Supports

As part of our outreach service Family Supports is a short-term reimbursement program that assists families with the care of their child with developmental disabilities who is living at home.

The extraordinary care needs of a child with developmental disabilities can stretch families’ financial resources. Our services assist families in purchasing services and goods which are not funded through Medicaid. Purchases may include but are not limited to; respite, therapeutic services, recreational services, medical supplies and adaptive equipment, adaptive toys, or any other service or goods necessary to assist their child with a developmental disability.

Support for Independent and Family Living include a wide array of services that allow an individual to remain in his or her own home, apartment, or family care home. Respite services and assistive technology services are provided. The goal is to help people with developmental disabilities lead richer lives that include meaningful relationships, good health and personal growth.

Schenectady ARC will work with families to access family needs and determine which goods or services and support are most appropriate for the family. Individuals served through this program do not need to be enrolled in OPWDD, but do need to have a diagnosis that would be considered to meet OPWDD’s eligibility criteria.

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