What to expect at Day Services

We strive to provide a well-rounded program that targets each individual’s specific needs through a combination of diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services.

We believe all persons have the ability to learn and grow. We provide protection, oversight, and environmental accommodations for all types of disabilities. Safety is our highest priority. Families are encouraged to participate in our events and activities.

Our programs employ highly qualified staff who are trained in behavioral strategies and intervention, safe transfers, personal care, first aid, CPR, adaptive equipment, and therapeutic feeding techniques.

Our day services provide person centered supports that allow people to engage in opportunities and experiences. Exploring new outlets for creativity through photography, supporting community health programs through our greenhouse, finding new social circles in the community. All of this and more is what you can expect from Schenectady ARC.


Each program at Schenectady ARC is designed to assist individuals in acquiring or maintaining self-help skills that enable them to be more independent, achieve their personal goals, and/or develop their participation in the community. There are a variety of unique opportunities to enable this.


All our services are designed to help clients develop the skills needed to create a balanced life. As an agency, Schenectady ARC is structured to enable individuals to choose their own interests and schedules. Participants and their advocates are always involved in making decisions about fulfilling personal goals and determining which services can best meet each individuals needs.


Ensuring that each individual is actively engaged in the daily activities of their choosing is one of our top priorities. We want everyone to enjoy the experience that they have while receiving services at Schenectady ARC.


For some individuals, learning basic skills is top priority; for others, a balance of educational classes and volunteer work is ideal. Our services include individual assessment, instruction, and ongoing support. Whatever the mix, our services and supports are designed to meet a broad range of needs, abilities and pursuits.

Schenectady ARC volunteers can provide many benefits to community organizations. Volunteers with developmental disabilities receive countless benefits through these voluntary opportunities. Social inclusion, personal contribution, personal development, networking, and status are all very valuable to our volunteers.

When people with developmental disabilities are able to use their gifts and skills to help other people, they gain a fresh sense of independence and responsibility, which brings increased self-confidence and greater feelings of empowerment, satisfaction, and happiness.

We look forward to working with your organization. Contact our volunteers info@arcschenectady.org

Below are just a few of the great organizations we have volunteered with; The Salvation Army - Regional Food Bank of the Northeast - American Red Cross - City Mission of Schenectady - YWCA and numerous others.