Apps designed to meet the needs of those with special needs.

Schenectady ARC works on developing apps for the iOS platform that meet specific nitche areas. Many of our apps assist people with daily tasks and management of small projects and life goals. Keep checking our site for new additions.

GOAL • PLAN • DO • REVIEW© brings a simplified method for completing a project right to your tablet or phone. This step-by-step method of planning guides the user with ease to executing a long term project from conceptualization to completion. GOAL • PLAN • DO • REVIEW makes project management simple. Adaptable for children and adults. This application is designed for all audiences, however it is beneficial for individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, Autism Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), and Frontal Lobe Disorders.

Food Basket is both a nutrition guide and grocery shopping tool. Swipe across a food category or item to see nutritional guidelines. Make a shopping list from the available items or add your own favorites to the choices. You can then go shopping and check off the items as you find them. You can start a new list for each shopping trip or save your favorite lists and build on them for future trips.

Food Basket is designed to assist individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities prepare grocery shopping lists based on healthy food purchasing guidelines, and the colorful pictures of the food items make it a great choice for parents who want to involve children in the meal planning and food shopping process.
MasterTask is a learning tool for organizing tasks and breaking them down into well-defined steps. It is an ideal tool for instructors or coaches to develop customized tasks for their students or apprentices. In edit mode new tasks are added by the instructor. Then each task is broken down into separate steps and the instructor records an instructional video to explain the execution of each individual step. In user mode, the app serves as a tutorial that guides the student in the execution of tasks, reviewing and repeating each step as necessary. Now is universal app for iPhone and iPad. Also check out MasterTask Plus with enhanced features.